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How To Obtain Services


 A person with a Developmental Disability can obtain services from Interaction Resources two ways :


(1) as a referral from The Community Centered Board

(2) as a private paying individual contracting directly with Interaction Resources.

  Private pay individuals should contact Interaction Resources directly (contact us) People who require funding need to contact The Community Centered Board

 1) The Community Centered Board will then do an eligibility review based on IQ and functional ability. Their determination will dictate whether the individual meets the Colorado State defined criteria for Developmental Disability Services.

 2) If approved for services, the individual will be placed on the Community Centered Board waiting lists for Supported Living Services, Comprehensive Services or both (which ever first comes available)

  3) When funding becomes available, a case manager from The Community Centered Board will send a referral to all or some of the  locally approved service agencies. (You may ask the case manger to include Interaction Resources. on their referral list)

 4) Interaction Resources receives the referral, and shares the information with the appropriate Interaction Resources staff. A visit with the person requesting services is then scheduled.

 5) After the personal visit, Interaction Resources. does one of the following:

* Informs the person of our interest in providing services.
* Requests additional information either from the individual and/or The Community Centered Board

* Declines to provide services based upon lack of availability, inability to meet the required needs, or insufficient funding to provide required services.

 6) If Interaction Resources. is able to provide the required services; the appropriate residential placement is made. This may be in a host home, a group home, or in an apartment. The setting depends on the needs of the individual. Interaction Resources. will also request the suitable file information and arrange for necessary support needs. Support services vary depending on the needs of the individual. Transportation, medical and dental services, wheelchairs or orthopedic devices are all considered part of the support package.

Interaction Resources. welcomes questions and comments. Please contact us. at or
Phone: (303)-904-7497