Interaction Resources D.D.D. Corp.
3636 South Independence St. Lakewood, Co. 80235
Interaction Resources D.D.D. Corp.

ndividuals with developmental disabilities have value and contribute to the social and economic environment of the community. People with developmental disabilities have the right to develop relationships, pursue personal growth, experience self-respect, and exert control over their lives. They are entitled to the same civil liberties as persons without developmental disabilities. Interaction Resources is dedicated to providing assistance, training and respect to all persons consistent with their cultural orientation and individual lifestyle. Interaction Resources encourages the achievement of independence, dignity, and personal fulfillment. Our primary focus beyond day-to-day support is to assist in the development of friendships, relationships, hobbies and personal interests in the family and in the community.

Interaction Resources D.D.D. Corp. is a Corporation that responds to the needs of persons with developmental disabilities.

Interaction Resources believes in the worth of all persons. In this context, each program of care for each developmentally disabled person is individualized to best meet that person's needs.

Interaction Resources affirms the capacity for growth in every human being. It is dedicated to providing the opportunity for each developmentally disabled person to attain his or her full potential.

Interaction Resources is committed to excellence in service delivery. It is pledged to quality services that are operated in a financially responsible manner.

Interaction Resources is accountable to the developmentally disabled person,his/her family, and it's contractors.

About Us

Interaction Resources is a small community based support service agency with a hands on commitment. Established in January 1997 by Jimmie and Carol Coffey. After being a Host Home for Community Intersection for four years,we decided to become a program-approved service agency to better serve the Developmentally Disabled community.
    We offer services through the following 
  Community Center Boards
DDRC in Jefferson, Summit and Gilpin Counties.
Host Homes and Adult Day Program Services And Supports
Host Home 303-904-7497
Adult Day Services 303-987-5558

 Denver Options in Denver County.

Developmental Pathways 
in Douglas County 

Colorado Bluesky Enterprises
in Pueblo County.

We offer Host Homes and Adult Day Program Services And Supports designed around the individual needs of our clients.